Ladies, let’s forget those stilettos and put your oh-so-soft slippers on… all day, everyday!
Are you ready to create your own reality?
Do you cringe at the thought of a 9 to 5 life?
Are you interested in online business or perhaps have a business going already?
Do you want to join an ah-mazing, supportive community of like-minded ladies?
Are you ready to form incredible friendships?
Do you LOVE to read?
12 months, 12 life-changing books!
“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” ~ Jim Rohn

Six Big Reasons to Join Our Book Club

Results Orientated

We are doing much more than just reading a book. Together, we discuss, extract and organise the best information from each book. Then we form strategies to apply what we have learnt, so that it can drive us forward towards the life and business of our dreams. Expect results!

Laser Focused

We are a unique group of ladies interested in developing online businesses, and the freedom to live a life that we love. Our shared goals, ambitions and intentions, allow us to laser-focus in on relevant ideas, have insightful discussions on these topics and extract the most value from each book.


When you join our group of ambitious ladies, you immediately gain access to an amazing range of different perspectives and opinions. Expect thoughtful discussions, lively debates and shared ah-hah moments that will help you understand each book at a whole new level. Collectively and individually, we will foster new ideas and refine old ones. All in the spirit of harmony and growth.

Vibrant Community

The journey matters as much as the results. Form friendships with like-minded women, get inspired by what they are doing and have fun and adventure along the way! Feel free to express yourself and your opinions, amongst a group of women with a foundation of trust, support and positive energy.

Intellectual Stimulation

You get to explore a variety of books and ideas, exposing you to some delights that you may not have encountered otherwise, and helping you grow. You will make reading more of a priority in your life when you join our club – with one life-changing book each month, we move ahead at just the right pace to stretch your reading muscles.


Expect to enhance your communication skills, gain more courage to express yourself, develop more empathy for other points of view, discover new ways of looking at your life and business, and become a better learner and teacher. Experiencing these life-changing books, we grow together and help each other succeed.

“There are no faster and firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books!” ~ Irving Stone
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Carrie and Hayley are two people that you’d love to have in your life! Hayley has spent the last 12 years making her travel dreams come true and has lived on 5 continents and traveled to over 35 countries. Carrie has a Master’s Degree in Digital Design and runs a successful online business from a tranquil farm surrounded by her favorite furry friends. Together they bring a wealth of life experience and big hearts to the Pajama CEO Book Club! They themselves are on a mission to achieve their own dream of becoming successful Pajama CEO’s and are so incredibly excited to share this journey with you!